Meet The Team

Dr. Claudia, Veterinary Doctor

The Brains - The Doctor

Hey! I'm Dr. Claudia and I keep Guy (stage right) in line.

Having studied hard at the Royal Veterinary College to pursue my passion for savings animals, I now work full time as a small animal vet surgeon, working mostly with dogs and cats.

In total I've racked up over 5 years experience in the industry performing surgeries and seeing day to day recurring problems.

I use these learnings at work to create and choose the best products for your pets here at Ruffley's.

Guy Ruffleys' Salesman

The Silly - The Salesman

Hello! I'm Guy, if you've been to one of our outdoor markets you'll already know who I am!

I head up our social media channels, global distribution and supply chains.

I come up with the wacky ideas that the brains of the business (stage left) shoots down. I'm as playful as our dog Pablo and all I want is for you to go away smiling... holding one of our products!

Ruffley's is my greatest passion and I pour my heart and soul into it hoping we can get our message accross the industry and become a success!

Why Ruffley's?

We take your dog’s health and wellbeing very seriously. That’s why we are careful which products we make available to our customers. We would never sell something we wouldn’t be happy using ourselves – our in-house product tester has a very demanding job, his name is Pablo and he's why we started! 

We are a small family run business, based in Royal Leamington Spa. We have always been passionate about dog’s welfare and happiness, but it wasn’t until we got our own dog that we realised there was a lack of quality and safe products on the pet market.

We started Ruffley’s to change that.